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Anudheep Sriraj

Hi! I'm

I'm a visual & experience designer with expertise in marketing, business transformation & Photography


Transforming brands and businesses while delivering the importance of sustainability and conscious development through modern creativity, and designs. I'm a management aspirant specializing in modern creative solutions, product, and marketing design.

I believe in creating a unique, responsible and sustainable experience that influences and indulges the viewership, rather than merely establishing it.




Brand transformation

Fondre Chocolates

RTGEB 2023 - Banner Mockup_edited.jpg

Event design

RTGEB Conference

Global Warming is real - LampPost Banner.png

Awarness Campaign

Global Warming is real

Conscious Style Co by Anudheep Sriraj Large Format - White.png


Conscious Style Co

Mockup - Page 10 & 11.jpg

Brand transformation

Marina Sands

Warm Sides - Outdoor Board (compress).jpg


72 Cafe

Hover to Interact


It only took 2 days for Anudheep to get oriented into Ping. The team was really excited to have him onboard. Anudheep was such a great vibe and a great addition to the team. His skills of being a team player, precise on communication, punctuality, design knowledge, and software fluency definitely added benefit to the team!

Edwin J Robert 

Founder & CEO, Ping us Studio

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