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Guild Awards 2024

Commissioned by the Guild of Students
University of Birmingham

Guild Award - Stories by Anudheep Icon.png

The Guild Awards 2024 was a night to remember, a vortex of celebration, laughter, and recognition for the students who made our community as vibrant.


Set in the grandeurs of the Aston Webb Building at the University of Birmingham. With its lively music, sparkling décor, and air of excitement, the Guild Awards 2024 captured the spirit of a festive royal gathering, the elegance and grandeur of a royal ball, with every detail meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable atmosphere.pen_spark


As the official photographer, representing the marketing and communication of the Guild, I had the privilege of capturing every moment, from the nervous anticipation on the red carpet to the explosive joy of the winners. It was a marathon, requiring hours of meticulous preparation, lightning reflexes, and countless hours of post-processing to ensure every photograph reflected the energy and emotion of the evening.  The results: A visual narrative that tells the story of dedication, passion, achievement and celebration beyond anything else.


Commissioned by the Guild of Students, University of Birmingham.

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