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Marina Sands

Transformation Project

Marina Sands is an exclusive seafood franchise of the Ramada group of hotels in Chennai, a city that loves seafood. In India, Sea foods not made at home are presumed unhygienic and improperly cooked. Indian moms and grandparents often doubt the quality of restaurant seafood. In a customer base like this, anything but a neat and luxurious brand identity will fail.

Marina Sands has a long history embedded into its brand story. Menu cards are the face of any restaurant. They provide the first look into the standard of food and quality of services. Menu cards indulge the audience, persuade them and give them the essence of the restaurant and brand. But the current tale of this luxurious restaurant lacks visual pleasure, elegance and sleekness. Read further

Design Concept

Radiating the idea; Seafood is hygienic. Seafood is a luxury. The Menu cards give a velvety feel to the touch that will please you and give you a simple yet classic and elegant sense. Making you feel safe about the food and delivering the grandeur that everyone's been craving.

The Type

Marina Sand's new design uses a very simple, formal and clearly visible UPPERCASE font throughout the menu along with lowercase fonts to highlight additional information for better readability. The 'MENU' itself uses a condensed Serif font with larger strokes to radiate a royal and rich sense while overlapping each missive.

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MENU Icon.png

Design Elements

[i] Gold Lines.jpg

Gold Line

[i] Grudgy Background.jpg

Grudgy BG

[I] Flavours in Colours.jpg

The Spread

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Marina Sands - Colour Scheme.jpg

Colour Scheme.

Marina Sands has been using black as thier primary colour, so keeping the originality of the restaurant. A hint of gold to tease the royality. Vibrant set of colours from thier icon also reflects on thier menu, not too dominant, not too soft. Just the right amount.

Hover on white space to view colour scheme

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Sleek. Elegant. Welcoming.

Sleek. Elegant. Welcoming.

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