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It hits you at the wildest of situations. You’ll realise you’ve been stuck in a “checklist mode” – checking one item after the other when you are standing at aisle 13 of a convenience store trying to decide what’s for dinner.

With Instagram and WhatsApp, bombarding you with "who's party tomorrow?" and "when's the deadline?" you will one day stop and wonder, "What is next for me?" The relentless pursuit of goals will leave you questioning if you're truly on the right path!

Maybe you achieve something you've been working towards, but instead of feeling like a winner, you're simply relieved that its done. It's a nagging feeling that something is off. The realization hits hard. You will realize you are not living anymore, but merely sleepwalking through your days, fulfilling obligations without any real connection.

I realized standing at aisle 13 of a convenience store trying to decide what’s for dinner and it was time to make a change. I identified the skills and passions I possessed and decided to use them for something good. This is where I saw a creative outlet. Blog by Anudheep Sriraj allows me to explore the world as a marketer, international student, designer, and photographer in ways I have known I could see, but never really took an effort.

A Life in Many Acts. Writing these blogs let me delve into the intricacies of life – the challenges, the joys, the experiences that shape us. But words can only take you so far. The art of freezing a moment in time, art of pictures, under the banner of Stories by Anudheep Sriraj lets me capture the emotions, the unspoken moments, the essence of a place or feeling that transcends language.

The Power of Unspoken Language is too great. My narratives, photographs, designs, all together hold unspoken stories, inviting viewers to connect with emotions that linger even after the fact.

This isn't just about my story, but about igniting your own spark. What makes you come alive? What skills and knowledge are you passionate about? Are there problems you yearn to solve or stories waiting to be told? Finding your purpose is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the exploration. Celebrate the small discoveries. Take a moment each day to listen to the whispers of your heart.

What sparks joy and ignites your curiosity? There, my friend, lies the path to a life filled with meaning.

More coming to this space.

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