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An impromptu project

#Unvarnished means to be plain, and straightforward. Artless and frank. Unvarnished means to state plain facts without embellishment.

at some point, the whole world seems to be staged. Constructed for us, to believe only what we see or hear and does not let us process. My previous series encouraged viewers to take action against such constructed and artificial worlds where people live a social commitment and not a true life.

- John Keats

"after all, true
is beautiful"

This series portrays the candids of people taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge in which the models and the scene are not staged or posed. Where people are seen to be their true selves. Appreciating their effort to be themself.

An Anudheep Sriraj Creation

Unvarnished - Project Brief.png
Unvarnished - Project Brief.png

An unplanned

The whole project was a conception of what comes after #ItsBeautiful but it didn't start there. The spark of this kindled when I was going through an old album of pictures and events. That later led me to bring you the story of the Impromptu project.

after #ItsBeatiful encouraged people to be their true selves, this series portrays and shows people being their natural selves, without makeups, coverups or artificial smiles or made up characters.

After all #ItsBeautiful to see people being themselves isn't it?

After all #ItsBeautiful to see people being themselves isn't it?

Anudheep Sriraj - Art Signature (Black).png
#Unvarnished - An Anudheep Sriraj Initative.png

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You write your story.

The unreserved, impromptu or candid titles depict the unvarnished side of the people. A side that's true to itself.

It's a story you should write on your own.

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