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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it"

Steve Jobs

The beginning: Sustainable Business experience Design.

This is where everything started. Im a sustainable, conscious and responsible development ambassador. I am a management aspirant with a creative passion for product design and advertising. I believe in creating a responsible and sustainable experience that influences and indulges the viewership to pursue rather than merely establishing it. This is the backstory of Project Conscious Style Co. A business experience designed to include sustainability and conscious development into its fabrics. LITERALLY!

Project CSCo

Sustainability is not a luxury. Sustainability is a necessity. At the current rate of development as my other project, Global Warming is real says, We are going to enter a point of no return in roughly 7 years. The war, carbon emissions, and a parliament in denial are all factors that are rapidly bringing this big blue rock to its brink. And whatever we are doing about it, isn't enough. Yes, many tech companies are trying to go carbon neutral, Apple made a promise to go carbon neutral by 2030, and Google did the same. Even Formula 1 is making a promise to go carbon neutral by 2023. But is it enough?

The answer will always remain to be another question! This is 2023 and all new brands and companies are going carbon-neutral from the beginning. At least, they are carbon-neutral on the document. Sustainable development is no easy feat. It's costly and of course, has a massive impact on the financial extent. But it's a necessity for a better, safe and healthy future. This Sustainable business experience design project, Conscious Style Co. revolves around the development of a sustainable and responsible brand with premium quality products and an ethical workspace for people working there.

As a management and international business aspirant, designing this business model with extensive research was both enjoyable and satisfying. This project has given me a good idea of what to expect in the business world and what it takes to successfully market a brand like this. This innovative project presents a brand new way of approaching business. It is a massive undertaking that involves not only design, but also product development, impact calculations, a well-crafted business model, extensive research, considerations for color psychology, ethical manufacturing plans, a carbon-neutral report, app development, innovative marketing ideas, and more.

What is this project about?

Conscious Style Co. is a clothing line. The name suggests a commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices while also conveying a sense of style and fashion. "Conscious" implies mindfulness and consideration, which aligns well with the values of sustainable and ethical clothing. It appeals to conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable and stylish clothing options

The goal of this project is to create a sustainable and ethical clothing line that appeals to environmentally and socially conscious consumers. The clothing line is designed with sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, and it prioritizes fair labour practices.

Brand values

Sustainability: The clothing line is made with sustainable materials and manufacturing processes; it prioritizes minimizing the environmental impact of the products.

Ethical Practices: The clothing line prioritizes fair labour practices and works with suppliers who adhere to ethical standards.

Quality: The clothing line prioritizes high-quality materials and construction, to ensure that the products last longer and are less likely to end up in landfills.

Sustainable Materials: The clothing line is made with sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, hemp, or recycled materials.

The project is in its initial stages. I'll post more info once it's available and post updates on the blog once in a while. Feel free to reach out if you are interested to work or contribute to this project.

Blog from Anudheep Sriraj

Edited by Prearna Keerthi

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