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Event Branding

A design project for SRM University's RTGEB Conference 2023

Recent Trends in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to provide a challenging forum for researchers, academicians and industry practitioners to share their original research and product development experiences in emerging areas.

In association with Niranjana Srikumar

Project Definition

With a tight budget and a 20 feet tall across 3 feet wide space for design and message delivery. The goal for this project was to deliver the intentions of the event, a glimpse of the research topics and guest speaker details to all the members of the community

Design Concept

A cost-effective banner. Designed to be interactive. It grabs the audience's attention and calls them to take action. It is meant to create a visually engaging experience for the viewership. It is designed to not only look aesthetically pleasing but also communicate the intended message effectively.

RTGEB 2023 - Banner Mockup.jpg

Colour Scheme

The "Caribbean Current" colour comes from the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It's eye-catching and ideal for marketing. It suits various design purposes and can be combined with other colours for a harmonious colour scheme.

RTGEB 2023 - Magazine Cropped.jpg

Newsletter editors: Manvi, Shriya & Krithika Malhotra
B.Tech Genetic Engineering, SRM University

RTGEB 2023 - Website Banner 1.jpg

Design Elements

The design highlights the genetic compound's impressive structures through patterns and repetition. The light-coloured phrases and text blend smoothly behind the event title, promoting the conference's content. An integrated QR code directs viewers to the event's webpage Fulfilling the goal of delivering all the intended messages

RTGEB Banner - Feature.jpeg.jpg


400+ Individual Participants.
45+ Scholars & Academicians.
35+ Educational Institutes.
10+ Industry Partners
80% of the allotted cost saved

53% Return on Investment

An Anudheep Sriraj Design

In association with Niranjana Srikumar

for SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai

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