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Inspired by a little moment from the Stranger to Smiles project. I am working on a new project that explores the life-changing power of studying abroad. "Unbound Horizons". 

Have you ever felt a pang of wanderlust flicker in your chest, whispering tales of ancient cities, bustling markets, and languages dancing on your tongue? Has the idea of studying abroad ever ignited a spark within you, promising not just academic adventure, but a metamorphosis of your very being? If so, then listen closely, for "Unbound Horizons" beckons you on a journey.

The whispers of new cultures, the thrill of academic adventures, the promise of personal growth – studying abroad can feel like a portal to a transformed you. But for many, the reality involves questions and anxieties: can I afford it? Will I fit in? Is it truly worth it? That's where "Unbound Horizons" steps in

This exciting project aims to capture the essence of studying abroad, beyond the glossy brochures and Instagram filters. By delving into the real stories of individuals, both international students and local residents impacted by the experience, we'll paint a vibrant picture of its transformative power. But here's the twist: your story matters! Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter with tales of overcoming financial hurdles or a local resident whose life was enriched by international connections, we want to hear from you. 

Sharing your unique journey, the challenges you faced, and the skills you gained. Contributing to a tapestry of diverse voices, showcasing the myriad ways study abroad shapes lives. Inspiring others to chase their own dreams of global exploration. This isn't just a project; it's a conversation. We're looking for intimate interviews, passionate discussions, and collaborative exploration. So, if you've been touched by the magic of studying abroad, don't be shy

Remember, every story is a piece of the puzzle. Together, we can create a powerful and inspiring picture of how studying abroad transforms individuals and communities. No matter your background or experience, your voice matters. If you're eager to connect, share your story, or simply learn more about this project, please reach out!


  • Sharing your unique odyssey: narrating the challenges you conquered, the skills you unearthed, and the lessons that broadened your horizons.

  • Joining a vibrant tapestry: contributing to a diverse mosaic of experiences, showcasing the myriad ways study abroad transforms lives.

  • Sparking a fire in others: igniting the flames of wanderlust and inspiring them to chase their own dreams of global exploration.

Ready to join the conversation?

Reach out using the information below, lets talk.

Blog from Anudheep Sriraj

Edited by Prearna Keerthi

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